Family Law

Divorce and Separation

The divorce process can be simple, or it can be very complicated, stressful, and overwhelming.

Spousal Support

If you enjoyed a certain standard of living during your relationship with your spouse, or you will experience some financial disadvantage once you and your spouse separate or divorce, you may be entitled to spousal support. Spousal support is money paid to one spouse from another for financial support.

Child Support

You may have difficulty determining who is responsible for the financial welfare of your children once your relationship ends. In law, there are two types of child support: base child support under section 3 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines (FCSG), and section 7 child support under the FCSG.

Property Division

While you and your spouse are in the midst of separation, you may be wondering what property you may be entitled to. Determining the legal division of matrimonial assets is highly complex.

Custody, Access, Parenting and Guardianship Arrangements

In Alberta, when the Courts are tasked with determining the parenting rights of each parent, a Court will only consider the best interests of the children. Parenting arrangements determine the amount of time a child will spend with each parent, and the decision-making authority of each parent.

Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is available to victims of family violence. It may be granted on an emergency basis and without notice in the Provincial Court of Alberta. The EPO is then reviewed by a Justice in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.