General Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation can be costly, and at Shield Law, we strive to settle your civil dispute before you even begin the litigation process. Our team is strongly equipped to negotiate on your behalf to conclude your civil matter before you reach the Courtroom. We want you to save money and we strive to successfully resolve your matter promptly.

If your claim needs to move forward to the litigation stage, then you must consider the following:

Under the Limitations Act of Alberta, a claim must be filed 2 years from the date that the claimant discovers or ought to have discovered the injury attributable to theconduct of the defendant which warranted the claim. Note that certain exceptions may apply, and you can contact our office to learn more.

If your Civil Claim is more than $50,000, then you can file your claim with the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. In the Provincial Court of Alberta, you can file a claim for an amount up to $50,000.

Once your claim is filed, you must serve it on the Defendant. There are certain service requirements that must be met under the laws of Alberta. We can assist you in ensuring that service is properly conducted.

Once you have properly started your claim, there are many more steps ahead, and you may want to retain a lawyer to aid you in navigating through the Court system. At Shield Law, our team can assist you every step of the way in the civil litigation process, whether it is through the Court of Queen’s Bench or the Provincial Court.

If you need assistance with your civil claim, contact our office today.