Debt Collection

Our team is highly experienced in the area of debt enforcement. We can assist you with your unsecured or secured debt claim, and help you maximize the amount that you receive from the debt owed to you.

Our process may include:

  1. Issuing a Demand Letter;
  2. Entering a judgment and filing a Writ of Enforcement;
  3. Filing the Writ of Enforcement with the Land Titles’ Office and the Personal Property Registry;
  4. Seizure of real and other personal property;
  5. Forced sale of land; and
  6. Garnishment of wages.

We work with you to settle your matter outside of the Courtroom. If the matter is likely to proceed to a full trial, we will assess the value of your claim, and the costs associated with pursing your claim through litigation. We will assist you in determining the benefits of proceeding to trial.

In Alberta, judgments are valid for up to 10 years. Despite the length of time that you have to collect on your judgment, we will work with you to collect on your judgement as soon as possible.

Contact our office today if you need assistance collecting on a debt that is owed to you.