Criminal Defence Law

DUI/Impaired Charges

You may find yourself blowing over the legal limit after having some drinks with your friends and driving home. This can a result in a DUI charge.

Drug Offences

Have you been charged with possession? There are many avenues in our legal system that can help you either gain a reduced sentencing or get your charges dropped all together. Sentencing for drug charges can be significant, and you should contact a lawyer immediately if you find yourself in this position.

Domestic Violence

If you are charged for domestic violence, the alleged victim will not be able to drop the charges once they are laid. You may face mandatory conditions that prevent you from contacting that victim, and charges can lead to you not being able to see your family.


Under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you have guaranteed protection of your right to obtain reasonable bail. It does not matter what offense you are being charged for – bail may be available to you. With a proper bail plan, you could be at liberty to live your life outside of a cell while your trial is pending and the allegations against you have not yet been proven in Court.

Property Offences

A property offence occurs when property is altered, stolen or damaged without the permission or knowledge from the original owner. A property offence charge includes, among other things, theft, fraud, break and enter, possession of stolen property, mischief, robbery, arson, and forgery.

Murder and Manslaughter

When you are charged with murder, the allegations against you may be that you caused the death of another human being either intentionally or due to your unlawful actions. For a charge of manslaughter, the allegation may be that you caused the death of another human being but it was not murder. Both murder and manslaughter are considered culpable homicide offenses under the Criminal Code of Canada.