Divorce and Separation

The divorce process can be simple. You and your spouse may be able to work your differences out amicably, and mutually agree on settling anything outstanding amongst the both of you. If your divorce is uncontested, then finalizing your divorce may be as straightforward as submitting a package of documents to the Court for a desk divorce. A desk divorce does not require you to attend Court, and you may just sit and wait until a judge grants you a divorce judgment. When a divorce judgement is granted, you are no longer legally married.

On the other hand, the divorce process can be very complicated, stressful, and overwhelming. You and your spouse may not be agreeable to various matters, and it may be the case that you will need to attend Court, mediation, or negotiate the terms of your separation to finalize your divorce.

At Shield Law, whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, you will help you every step of the way. We strive to ease your mind during the divorce process.

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