Landlord and Tenant Disputes

At Shield Law, our team can assist both landlords and tenants in resolving their dispute issues. In Alberta, there are a number of avenues open to you to resolve a tenancy dispute:

  1. Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolutions Service – The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service [“RTDRS”] offers landlords and tenants an alternative to Court, and may result in a more expedited and cost-effective resolution. If this route is selected, we can assist you in drafting an application for an RTDRS hearing, and attend the hearing on your behalf. The matter would be heard before a Tenancy Dispute Officer, whose decision would be binding on all parties.
  2. Mediation Services – Mediation is a process where the parties discuss their issues and try to reach a solution with the help of a mediator. We can assist you during the mediation to guide you while you attempt to resolve your tenancy dispute and enter into a common agreement with the opposing party.
  3. Provincial Court – The Provincial Court is available to both landlords and tenants for claims up to $50,000. We can assist you with making a claim or an originating application in the Provincial Court, and help you throughout the litigation process.

At Shield Law, we choose the optimal route for you to resolve your tenancy dispute. Contact our office today if you need to resolve your tenancy dispute matter.