Employment Agreements

Employment agreements protect your interests in employment disputes. As an employee, it sets your financial compensation for a period of time, as well as your benefits and possibly other forms of compensation. As an employer, it provides you with certain protections in the case where you will need to terminate the employment relationship with an employee.

It is very important to have your employment contract properly drafted or reviewed. The employment contract should clearly delineate the expectations, rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee.

In the case where you are an employee and considering entering into an employment contract with an employer, you may want to have a lawyer review it for you to make sure you fundamentally understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. For example, you may want to clarify how a non- competition or non-solicitation clause may affect you as an employee.

At Shield Law, we work with you to draft your employment agreement until you are satisfied with its terms. We will also review an employment agreement to help you fundamentally understand what you are agreeing to.

If you need an employment contract drafted or reviewed, contact our office today.