Wrongful Dismissal

If you are terminated without cause, you have the right to compensation. You have the right to be given notice of termination or to be paid in lieu of working during the required notice period. Your employer may offer you the minimum statutory required compensation for payment in lieu of notice, but this does not mean you are not entitled to more.

If you are terminated for just cause, then your employer is not obligated to provide you with notice or pay in lieu of notice. If you employer claims to terminate you for just cause, this does not necessarily mean that you were, in fact, terminated with cause, and you may be entitled to compensation.

If you are being terminated without cause, or if your employer is claiming that it has just cause to terminate your employment, you should contact a lawyer immediately to help you determine your entitlements.

If you have been terminated, or are an employer and need assistance in terminating an employee, contact our office today.